Content Writing

One of the factors that Google takes heavily into consideration when ranking a website is the amount of productive content on the website. Not only should your website have information that is attractive to a prospective clients but it should be also informative enough to work as an informational resource.

With your website written as an informational resource it will make it easier for Google to send traffic to your website as well as give you additional space for keyword optimization. With Google's latest trend of wanting the Internet to become an informational resource; websites that take the time to write informative blog articles, and have websites that are robust in their content, traditionally perform better than traditional sales websites that utilize just pictures and links.

Further having informative articles that are related to your website or industry make your website more appealing for those that may give you valuable inbound links to the site.

While having effective webpages and blog articles are no guarantee for high website ranking is a necessary step to provide Google with the information that they're looking for to give you better placement.

Article Writing Services:

Standard article writing includes a minimum of 500 words with light keyterm optimization. We highly recommend a picture or two to be used on each article. License photos can be provided at an additional charge.

Single Article From Scratch

$175 for an article that needs to be written from scratch with no assistance from the website administrator... In other words you give a topic and we need to research everything that would go into the article.

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Artical Topic

Single Article written with customer provided info.

$125 For an article that I'm provided with at least some of the basic information so that I can write intelligently about the topic.

Website Address
Artical Topic

Discounted Article Writing with Subscription

Discounts provided for subscription-based contracts (minimum of three months)

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3 Month Subscription - Pick how many articles per month you want

Continuous Article Writing - Pick how many articles per month you want